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How i2B Connect Works

How it all works

We like things to be speedy and simple and we know you do too – that’s why we’ve built i2B Connect with all our users in mind – not just you as the client but for your suppliers too so that when they log on they find it just as simple – we make many day jobs a whole lot easier!

But to explain it all a little more, we have our video and also this handy diagram…and if you still want a bit more explaining we’re always happy to chat!

Looking for more information on how we integrate?

  • Requisitions
  • Request for Quotations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications
  • Invoicing

Visit our integration page here or download our i2B-ERP-Integration.ppsx PowerPoint presentation for more details on the above and how i2B integrates with your (and your Vendors) ERP systems.

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