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How i2B Connect Integrates

How i2B Connect Integrates with your ERP

We know that many of you have fantastic ERP systems in place and are happy with how it handles your purchase to pay processes – if it’s not broken then it don’t change it – right?  We at i2B agree with you – however we would like you to enhance what you currently do.  We often hear how our customers were happy and “making do” with the processes that they had come to work with and trust – nothing wrong with that but what we at i2B want to do is provide your supply chain with the information needed that helps you to get everyone working faster and smarter.

Saving time and money is key and that’s where i2B Connect steps in.  Simply put, we reach the parts your ERP system just can’t.

i2B Connect puts purchasing and supply chain improvement at the heart of all your systems and we’ll talk to your ERP system seamlessly.  i2B Connect provides real-time information, full transparency and puts a truly awesome purchase to pay system in place.  In fact both Finance and Purchasing Teams love us – your suppliers do too.  With no cost or training required for your suppliers they can be up and running with i2B connect within minutes.

Check out our video to find out just how simple it is to integrate your ERP system with i2B Connect today – and please get in touch for a demo!

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Advanced Shipping Notifications

Download  our  i2B-ERP-Integration.ppsx PowerPoint presentation for more details on the above and how i2B integrates with your (and your Vendors) ERP systems.

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