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We are the super power behind every successful buyer

Lex Luthor, The Joker and your vendors. They all have the power to disrupt your day.

i2B can’t help you defeat an evil genius, but they can equip your utility belt with the tools to overcome vendor disruption.

Your vendors can be a force that you feel you can’t control.

When your vendors feel like a force you can’t control and your day is spent endlessly fire fighting day to day issues – then it’s time to take back control.

Cape is optional. i2B is mandatory. We await your call.

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Just in time to save the day!

There has to be a better way to communicate with your vendors within your supply chain. i2B Connect was created to do just that. i2B Connect removes the shuffling of papers and endless phone calls from vendors. We make everything easily accessible and all within the cloud.

i2B Connect is a perfect vendor management tool – helping you aspire to that perfect ‘just in time’ process.

Freeing up your time to do what you should be doing. Those world domination plans that constantly get put off.

Our supplier self service functionality enables your vendors to take control of their own account and answer their own queries whenever and wherever they are.

Already deployed in over 30 countries
Already used by over 25,000 suppliers worldwide
Already translated into 7 different languages

We work with your existing systems

We integrate with any ERP systems and often provide that missing piece to the jigsaw to keep supply chains transparent and effective by offering real time information throughout.

We’ve come along way

We’ve come a long way in our 19 years; our team has won numerous awards, we have clients all over the globe and we’re proud to say that we’re still working with many of the same leading brands today as we were back then!

Purchasing Managers love us as we save them time, money and frustration; IT managers love us because we’re cloud based, easy and intuitive to use.  There are no clunky downloads and Finance Directors love us because – of course – we save them money and through faster processing, we increase their bottom lines!

Don’t just take our word for it….

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What our clients say about us

  • "Supplier has told us that they would not need to collect information by manual after using i2B, which has saved a lot of time & improved accuracy aswell."
    Cindy Hu- Fulfilment Supervisor, Weir Engineering Products (Shanghai) Co Ltdi2B Connect
  • "We were the first Weir site to introduce i2B functionality in 2014 . I have always found Phil & Hilary, and the rest of the team at i2B, to be reliable, innovative and responsive in terms of both issue resolution and openness to change. The software itself is intuitive, communicates seamlessly with our ERP system, is constantly developing (with improvements to look, feel and functionality, for example General Documents and i2B Lite) and has, over the course of its lifetime here, significantly reduced the administrative burden of the Supply Chain department in terms of PO and change notification."
    Paul Rhodes - Business Systems Manager -WVC UKi2B Connect
  • "Weir Valves And Controls USA successfully implemented i2B in 2018. The implementation process was very well managed by the i2B team. The response time to deal with any questions was extremely short and the ability & willingness to customize the system to our needs was very impressive. Our Supply Chain team and vendors have welcomed the implementation and we now have circa 80% of our purchase orders managed by i2B. I would definitely recommend i2B as it is a simple, stable and highly functional system that has brought great benefit to all stakeholders."
    Brett Gent - Vice President Supply Chain & Planning - WVC USAi2B Connect
  • Many thanks for making my life easy. You're AWESOME - I say this with raised arms like Mel B would on American's Got Talent. I appreciate ALL of your efforts, we HAVE a solution. You have my vote for Customer Support of the Year.
    Linden Mecham - Manager - Systems & Programming - WSP Utahi2B Connect
  • My personal experience cooperating with i2B, setting up EDI connections with our suppliers, is very positive. The knowhow of i2B and the speed in which you were able to set up test environments and process test data, supported us to get the connections up and running quickly. You showed flexibility to adapt to existing supplier standards quick and smoothly, with an implementation phase with one of our suppliers in just a couple of weeks. The i2B helpdesk is well structured, asks clear questions and provides support and solutions quickly.
    Erik Klompen - Category Lead - Netherlandsi2B Connect
  • Every PO is acknowledged, suppliers are constantly chased for overdue orders – as a result, delivery on time from suppliers has improved. Our suppliers like it too as they have access to order books, forecasts and previous order history all in one place
    Philip FirthPurchasing Manager - Weir Minerals Europe

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