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About our leading Purchase to Pay software

i2B Connect is a leading purchase to pay software solution which started life in 1999.  It was born out of a frustration of dealing with endless fire fighting within the supply chain – phone calls to check on deliveries, emails to check on payments, systems to update and quite frankly not enough hours in the day!

There had to be a better way and a way for people to communicate within the supply chain, so i2B Connect was created to do just that. i2B Connect removes the shuffling of papers and endless phone calls from suppliers. We make everything easily accessible and all within the cloud.

Just in time!

i2B Connect is a perfect supplier performance tool – helping you aspire to that perfect ‘just in time’ process.  Our supplier self service functionality enables your suppliers to take control of their own account and answer their own queries whenever and wherever they are.

Working with your existing systems

We integrate with many ERP systems and often provide that missing piece to the jigsaw to keep supply chains transparent and effective by offering real time information throughout.

We’ve come along way

We’ve come a long way since 1999; our team has won numerous awards, we have clients all over the globe and we’re proud to say that we’re still working with many of the same leading brands today as we were back then!

Purchasing Managers love us as we save them time, money and frustration; IT managers love us because we’re cloud based, easy and intuitive to use.  There are no clunky downloads and Finance Directors love us because – of course – we save them money and through faster processing, we increase their bottom lines!

Don’t just take our word for it….



Want to find out now about i2B connect,  enter your details below and you will be taken to a recorded demo of i2B Connect.

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Learn more about our team at i2B

i2B employ some extremely talented people around the world. Here’s a few of them.

Learn more about i2B David Gamble
David Gamble
Learn more about i2B Hilary Kinnair
Hilary Kinnair
Learn more about i2B Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer
Learn more about i2B Dianne Bookham
Dianne Bookham
Learn more about i2B Phil Tompkinson
Phil Tompkinson

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Do you want to join our journey? – visit our careers page

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Our story so far

An i2B timeline, from being founded in 1999 to present day


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